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  • HANNA® €™Backpack Lab€™ Soil Quality Educational Test Kit

    A new portable test kit specifically designed for teachers and students to get the most out of field trip testing.

    This kit is designed to look at the main parameters for agriculture, containing all the important tests for evaluating soil quality and fertility, and relates these measurements to the principles of plant metabolism.

    Supplied in a tough rucksack, the kit contains lesson plans and activities tied together by a comprehensive teacher€™s manual that includes information about each parameter. Including detailed testing procedures, along with all the sample cups and chemicals to complete each task.

    Included in each pack:

    • 50 tests for: Nitrogen; Phosphorous; Potassium; pH
    • Waterproof pH/C tester
    • Waterproof Conductivity/TDS/C tester
    • HI-145 digital thermometer
    • Backpack style carrying case to hold all components
    • Extensive teacher€™s manual with a curriculum that meets the National Science Teachers Association Standard
    • Overhead transparencies with summaries for each parameter
    • Laminated instruction cards with step by step procedures
    • Lab activity worksheets with instructions, goals, hypothesis results and comments
    • Glossary of terms

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