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  • Binocular stereo microscope with fixed head (inclined backward 45°), selectable 2x - 4x objective lenses and LED Incident and transmitted light with rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 24 hours on a single charge - allowing prolonged field operation without the need for a power supply. View full details

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    • Bullet Point Removable power cords for easy storage
    • Bullet Point High quality rubber mount feet
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Technical Specification

Head: Binocular, 45° inclined (backwards)
Eyepieces: WF10x/20mm.
Objective: 2x / 4x.
Magnification: 20x / 40x.
Illumination: Incident & transmitted LED.
Adjustable Interpupillary distance (51-75mm) with dioptric compensation.

Rechargable batteriy included

How to choose a Microscope

Compound Microscopes are used for:

  • Slide mounted specimens
  • Examining premounted slides
  • Providing high power magnification
  • Narrow field and short working distance

Stereo Microscopes are used for:

  • Unmounted specimens that are too thick for light
  • to pass through them.
  • Insects, Plants, Rocks, Fossils
  • Microdissection
  • Providing low power magnification
  • Wide field of view and a long working distance

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