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  • The Sunstick is a valuable learning toy that has been developed and tested for children. It allows children from 6 years of age to learn about solar energy This allows them to develop knowledge of this important technology, discover and understand several natural phenomena. The Sunstick encourages the imagination and creativity. The combination of two regenerative resources, solar energy and wood, makes the Sunstick ideal for an ecologically aware playing environment. The Sunstick offers a variety of uses, to keep children stimulated and interested View full details

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    • Bullet Point Each kit comes in its own plastic tray for easy storage
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Technical Specification

Climate change is now recognised as one of the biggest threats to the future of many species on this planet, so understanding green energy and its importance is a crucial part of contemporary education.

Few teaching systems meet that need quite as comprehensively as the leXsolar modular system.

Since the development of the original Worlddidac Awardwinning Photovoltaic study kits, the range has been expanded to include modules covering wind energy, hydrogen fuel cells and comprehensive studies of energy grids including storage, conversion and efficiency.

A particular benefit of this system, over other ‘green energy’ teaching tools, is the way that the different modules are interoperable. Between them they can be used to tailor teaching from basic principles for primary school children, right through to training industry technicians.

The excellent module of ‘Measurements without Meters’ not only provides a simple and fun visual reference for younger students but also teaches the physics of light and optics. At the other end of the spectrum students can learn how to design and build professional off-grid systems, using the correct modules, investigating topics such as charge regulators and deep discharge protection.

Although the modules are interoperable with each other, a series of kits has been carefully devised to cover specific topics at key levels, accompanied with relevant worksheets and experimental guides to make teaching easier. These kits are designed to guide students to their own conclusions, through investigation and experimentation. They then apply these conclusions to the wider world, while encouraging students to be conscious of greener ways to use and produce energy.

leXsolar products have been specially selected by Edu- Lab to offer the optimum choice for the UK curriculum.

The following pages are divided into colour coded sections. On each page we outline what equipment is in that kit, and the experiments you will be able to carrry out. There are clear symbols denoting the fields to which the kit is applicable, as well as the minimum age for which it is suitable.

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