Lab Equipment

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Lab equipment is as diverse as it is essential, and setting up a perfect experiment means ensuring that you have the right bit of kit for the job. As science lab equipment suppliers, we have you covered, with a range of stock that will cover all of your chemistry, physics and biology needs.

Within our collection you’ll find everything from autoclaves to incubators, microscopes to equipment for moisture analysis, with a range of different sizes and specifications available to help make your life easier.


Top Quality Lab Equipment for Organisation and Storage


We also stock the lab equipment that will help you get your lab in order, making it that much simpler to find what you need next time you’re conducting an experiment or trying to prepare some materials. This includes trolleys and cupboards – and we can also supply the desks that make everything possible.

When you have a new experiment to design, or a group of young people to inspire, you don’t want to be worrying about the basic details. Our job as science lab equipment suppliers is to take care of those details for you, by ensuring that you always have access to high quality, easy to use equipment.


Let Edulab Become Your Science Lab Equipment Suppliers


With same day despatch, Edulab workshops, and a technical team on hand to answer any queries that you might have, you can always be sure that we are working entirely to give you great service as well as exceptional products.

If you want to chat about the lab equipment that’s available, or any of the other science supplies that we can deliver straight to your door; just contact us online today, or give us a call at 01366 385777. Together we can make your scientific visions a reality.