Fume Hoods

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Here at Edulab, we pride ourselves on being the number one UK supplier of a range of Fume Cupboards for various laboratories, including Schools.

A laboratory fume hood primarily provides localised ventilation and protection against toxic fumes, vapours and dust. It also protects against chemical spills and fires by acting as a physical barrier.

At Edulab, we manufacture fume cabinets and fume cupboards tailored to your requirement. “We make them the way you want them!” Our bespoke fume cupboards are available upon request - more info.

We have a wide range of selection that ranges from ductless mobile fume hoods to fixed, filtered fume cupboards. You can choose a simple light duty enclosure, a sophisticated hood or specialised ventilation equipment for unique applications.

For helpful tips, browse through our article on "How To Choose The Right Fume Cupboard".

For help finding the right fume hood for your lab, contact us today.