Laboratory Consumables

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Good laboratory consumables are the key to a well-functioning lab, since they’re the products that you come into contact with almost every day. Anyone who’s ever run out of something as simple as latex gloves or petri dishes will know exactly how frustrating it is to find that you’ve run out of crucial lab consumables just when you need them the most.


Lab Consumables in All Shapes and Sizes


Right here at Edulab you can find an impressive range of laboratory consumables, so whether you’re looking to stock up or replace a depleted supply, you’ll find just what you need.

This includes everything you might need to lead educational experiments with a team of budding young scientists, such as plastic flasks and glassware, rubber bungs, an assortment of different protective gloves, and even the ziplock bags that are so essential for separating and storing materials.

In addition to all this hands on equipment, we can also help you keep your lab safe and tidy with a wide range of practical solutions: trays and cabinets, goggles and eyewash stations, disinfectant and specialist cleaning products, and a great deal more.


Contact Edulab Today for Your Laboratory Consumables


With the variety of equipment we have available, a plain room can be turned into a fully functioning laboratory in no time at all! Aside from lab consumables, we can provide larger pieces of equipment, datalogging kit, and items tailored towards individual scientific disciplines – so all you need to worry about is planning some incredible educational experiences.

If you want to chat with our expert team before picking your lab consumables then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we can offer advice, more information, or even just help you put the order through. Call 01366 385777 or contact us online today.