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Laboratory glassware is vital for any well-equipped lab; from pipettes to reagent flasks, glassware is used in a wide range of scientific applications, particularly in chemistry and biology, so it’s something few labs can do without. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine any lab getting by without any beakers or test tubes!

Although many consumables can now be made from plastic, lab glassware still plays an essential part, as it’s an ideal material for science experiments; transparent, heat-resistant, and relatively inert, you won’t have any unwanted reactions. It’s also generally easy to clean and maintain for re-use.

Different types of glass are used to meet specific criteria; borosilicate glass is particularly useful for glassware which needs to be heated, as it is especially resistant to thermal shock, and for substances which are sensitive to light, amber glass offers protection from ultraviolet and infrared light.

We have assembled a full range of science lab glassware, including flasks, test tubes, pipettes and petri dishes, so you’ll be able to find the right equipment to carry out any experiment in your curriculum.

We also provide a great selection of other essential accessories and consumables like joint clips, rubber bungs, gloves and much more, and all at affordable prices so you can keep your lab fully equipped within your budget.

Most of our products are kept in stock at our warehouse facility so that they can be dispatched on the same day.


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