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Maintaining proper standards of hygiene is vital in your laboratory – particularly if you are handling contaminants or chemicals – and therefore having a good supply of quality laboratory gloves is absolutely essential.

At Edulab, we understand the requirements your laboratory has, which is why we offer a great range of lab gloves to suit your personal needs.


Quality Lab Gloves from Edulab


Edulab offers a great selection of various laboratory gloves to suit a variety of different needs and specifications, allowing you to maintain proper standards of safety and hygiene when you are carrying out your experiments.

Our lab gloves are available in a range of different sizes, ranging from S to XXL, ensuring that you are using the right gloves for your personal requirements and reducing the likelihood of leaking corrosive chemicals and contamination caused by loose or tight gloves.

Edulab laboratory gloves are also available in a range of different materials, including nitrile, latex and non-latex options to accommodate any material allergies or sensitivities. As well as this, our gloves come in a variety of powder-free, lightly-powdered, non-sterile, textured and smooth designs, meaning that the gloves you select will be perfectly suited to your specifications.


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Maintaining proper standards of hygiene is essential in any lab, and our lab gloves are available in a variety of different designs, sizes, materials and colours in order to help you meet these requirements.

For more information on our range of laboratory gloves or any of our laboratory consumables, contact the friendly and dedicated team at Edulab today. Call us on 01366 385777 or fill in our online contact form.