Key features include


The stepped versions in our range include a unique lockable feature to ensure against inadvertent power increase or decrease. They also feature a ‘ceiling’ lock whereby the voltage can be decreased but NOT increased.


Our range of powers supplies has been designed for easy storage. 

Flat Face

Flat face removes chance of the dials breaking

5 Year Warranty

we are so confident in the build, design and usability of our power supply range we offer this guarantee with absolutely no quibbles. 5 year warrantee…end of story.

Power Supplies

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Bench power supplies are an essential piece of equipment for any laboratory, and at Edulab we have a great selection of bench power supply units to suit all of your needs and requirements.

These units are often used for testing circuits and offer useful portability, and will therefore form a vital part of your available laboratory equipment. Here at Edulab, our range of bench power supply units are suited to a variety of different purposes, so please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated, friendly team to discuss your specific requirements.


Key Features of Our Bench Power Supplies


At Edulab, we specialise in providing superior laboratory equipment, and our bench power supplies are no exception. Offering a wide range of useful features, Edulab bench power units are a necessity in any lab.

The stepped bench power supplies we offer in our great range include a unique and useful lockable feature, which will help to ensure that there is no inadvertent power increase or decrease whilst you are working on your experiment, allowing you to stay fully in control and minimise distractions or interruptions. They also feature a very useful ‘ceiling’ lock, where the voltage from the power supply may be decreased, but not increased.

The flat face of our power supply design means that dials have a lowered chance of breaking when in storage or in use. Edulab’s great range of superior bench power supplies can also be stacked for easy storage, which is essential in any laboratory.

The unique features of Edulab bench power supplies mean that you can get the most out of your experiments, so whatever your requirements and specifications may be, explore the great range of bench power supplies that we have to offer.


Bench Power Supplies from Edulab – Find Out More


Edulab are experienced in providing the very best laboratory equipment available, and our bench power supplies are no exception. Bench power supplies are an integral part of any lab, and therefore it is vital that you ensure the equipment you are using can perform.

To discuss your laboratory equipment needs, or to enquire about our available bench power supply units, contact Edulab today on 01366 385777.