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Customised, Bespoke Fume Cupboards From Edulab


Here at Edulab, we pride ourselves on being a leading UK manufacturer of high-quality custom fume cupboards for educational and commercial laboratories.

We offer a wide selection that ranges from portable fume hoods to fixed, filtered fume cupboards. We can build a simple light duty enclosure, a sophisticated hood or specialised ventilation equipment for unique applications.

Our customisation options include:

  • Width, depth, internal and external height;
  • Materials used;
  • Number of electrical sockets;
  • Gas and water taps, sinks and other utilities;
  • Filters;
  • Control panel types;
  • Work surface;
  • Sashes;
  • Stand options, and anything else we may not have mentioned!


Fume Cupboard 2


A laboratory fume hood provides localised ventilation and protection against toxic fumes, vapours and dust. It also protects against chemical spills and fires by acting as a physical barrier. For these reasons, selecting a high-quality fume cupboard is essential for minimising risk of injury.

Before selecting the components for your custom fume cupboard design, you’ll need to know exactly how the unit will be used. As part of this, we recommend you get a chemical assessment done. This is a list of all chemicals, solvents and acids which could come into contact with the fume cupboard during its use.

We take the time to understand each situation and recommend the most suitable equipment for your needs.


As fume cupboards are generally large units (fume hoods being a smaller option) making the most of the space you do have is important. While some providers may try to sell you more/bigger units than you may need, this leads to reduced energy efficiency/unnecessary maintenance costs.

Air Supply

Every unit supplied must have adequate air supply to ensure that airflow is maintained at the minimum of 0.5m/s inflow as recommended by the British and European requirements. As part of our bespoke service we can install an airflow alarm in your unit.

Cabinet Drawing 1

Other Considerations

Ducted vs ductless hoods

There are two types of fume hood; ducted and ductless. Ducted hoods expel contaminated air outside of the lab, whereas ductless hoods filter out the dirt and chemicals before recycling clean air back into the room.

Both types have their pros and cons - for example, ductless hoods are more energy efficient and easier to install and relocate, while ducted hoods require less maintenance and monitoring by laboratory staff. The right option for you depends on how your fume cupboard will be used and the space you have available.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets provide support for the benchtop units and can form part of your custom fume cabinet if required. We can produce cabinets suitable for storing solvents, acids or for vacuum pump storage, in the size you require.

Construction Materials

Another key aspect of safety (and durability) is the construction material. We use Virgin medical grade welded Polypropylene which offers much higher chemical resistance than materials used by competing products (such as mild steel with a thin coating) and generally see a higher energy/cost efficiency.

Exhaust Blower

While standard air foil bypass hoods are one the cheaper blowers on the market, it may not be suited for all uses, so be sure that you’re clear on exactly what your fume cupboard is going to be used for before beginning a custom build.

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