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Children of Belarus Project

03.09.2014 by Louise Hammock

Children of Belarus Project


Edu-Lab was recently contacted by the Downham Market Rotary Club to help with their Children of Belarus Project.


The Downham Market Rotary Club were keen to help a very poor area of Belarus where the people lack the most basic of living requirements. The charity was keen to support a school within this area to try and give them hope for the future and to show that the outside world is thinking of them.


Several local companies supported the project with books, pens and paper and here at Edu-Lab we donated science apparatus to help with the education of the children.


Carole Samuel- International Chair, Downham Market Rotary Club recently visited the school and said;


“It was wonderful to see the school and all our goods that had been safely delivered there. The joy on the children's faces was wonderful to see! It was a really worthwhile cause - some houses (shacks) had no running water and most of the people were very poor. The school was beautifully painted but scratch below the surface and it is in a very poor condition. I am determined to help these children further by renovating the school as much as I possibly can.

Thank you so much, once again, for your kind contribution to our project.”


If you would like to offer support for this project please contact the Downham Market Rotary Club (link).