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GCSE grades falling is no surprise… - Mark Hynd

23.08.2013 by Mark Hynd - Edulab CEO

GCSE grades falling is no surprise… - Mark Hynd

After the Department of Education announced that GCSE grade have taken a record plunge in 2013 we were all highly surprised..or were we?

Not reallyand it has nothing to the current generation who so often get tarred with a bad reputation. It often comes down to the lack of proper facilities, funding and a general understanding of the importance of practical learning.

Science Education is our field here at Edulab. We passionately believe that the only way to learn science and inspire greatness is by doing it practically.

Edulab has worked with government departments, ministries of Education, UNICEF and UNESCO globally to increase awareness and vastly improve science learning in schools.

Working with partner companies Edulab has also been heavily involved in the prestigious UTC or University Technical College program which began in 2010.  The UTCs have been able to take advantage of Edulabs highly experience curriculum team who take any curriculum studied by any school and map out exactly what will be needed to complete the course.  All have been complete success stories including names you will probably recognise: Aston UTC, JCB Academy   Sheffield UTC, Greenwich UTC and Reading UTC and the list goes on!  Each one of these organisations either is or will be delivering high class science learning and inspiring our scientists of the future.

I think with more programs like the above and with it an increase in practical science we would see a dramatic increase in results.  Although there is a long way to go I think there certainly is hope for the future!