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How many chambers are in a human heart?

07.08.2013 by Louise Hammock

How many chambers are in a human heart?

I have lost count as to the number of times I have seen this question come up on TV quiz show or been asked during a game of Trivial Pursuit. I hope you are agreeing with me that yes it does come up all the time and not considering that I play too much Trivial Pursuit!

So how many chambers does the heart have? Of course the answer is 4, and I will have you know that I knew the answer long before it came up on a quiz show! I remember being back at school labelling the heart diagram on a worksheet and then eventually going on to teach it myself.

For me personally it doesnt matter how many times I attempt a picture of the heart or cross section of the skin on a white board it never quite comes out right.

Have a look under the biology section  of our website to view a wide range of models from eyes, ears, human torsos and not forgetting the heart. It is a great way to learn the answer to that all important question amongst many others!