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Technology takes Edulab to a new level

03.07.2013 by Fred Nunn - Operations Manager

Technology takes Edulab to a new level

Operational efficiencies at Edulab have been moved to a new level, with the help of a bespoke stock control module that has recently gone live on our operating system.

Fred Nunn Operations Manager at Edulab reports that this module has entirely systemized the procedures of our warehouse facility, from booking stock in, assigning to stock locations, replenishing pick shelves and finally the picking process. This project has been carried out of the past 6 months and has seen pick times reduced by 50%, and stock accuracy running at very close to 100% With the accurate and fast reporting of stock movements it has enable our purchasing team to fine tune our stock levels which has seen our first pick availability rise to 90% With this major project now almost complete our team are looking at further ways to gain maximum operational capacity so as to further increase our service levels and customer satisfaction.