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  • The Advanced MicroChem Kit provides all the physical hardware required to perform the experiments incorporated in the basic kit. View full details

    • Bullet Point Modern laboratory techniques
    • Bullet Point Individual student participation
    • Bullet Point Student ownership of results
    • Bullet Point Experiment times halved
    • Bullet Point Safety enhanced
    • Bullet Point Low environmental risk
    • Bullet Point Improved accuracy and reliability
    • Bullet Point Student worksheets
    • Bullet Point Teacher guides
    • Bullet Point Highly recommended by thousands of leading educators worldwide
    • Bullet Point Low cost due to 4% of the regular chemical usage
    • Bullet Point Modular and flexible system
    • Bullet Point Excellent reviews by leading academics
    • Bullet Point Adopted in many education systems worldwide
    • Bullet Point Linked to leading curricula and examinations
    • Bullet Point Available for use by junior, middle and senior schools
    • Bullet Point Recognised by students as a ´Fun and Exciting´ way to do practicals
    • Bullet Point No need for lengthy preparation, system up and running in minutes
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Technical Specification

  • Kit components all available for separate purchase
  • Kits made of durable, washable materials
  • Component design based on equipment used for modern laboratory techniques
  • Comboplates dishwasher safe
  • Kits designed for individual use or in small groups
  • Worksheets written for the students and suited to the curriculum
  • Workbooks and guides must be ordered separately
  • Log in to the user section of this website for free downloads of microscience worksheets
  • Worksheets can be linked to AQA, IB, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, SEB, IEB and CIE schemes
  • Extensive links to all USA curricula
  • Technical support and training courses available worldwide
  • https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200506/ldselect/ldsctech/257/257we12.htm

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