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  • The ISG® high speed mini centrifuge is commonly used in chemical and physical analysis, clinical labs and in University and Industrial research laboratories.
    Some of the research applications the ISG laboratory centrifuge is used for include: sedimentation of cells and viruses, separation of sub-cellular organelles and the isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, Proteins and Lipids.
    The ISG laboratory centrifuge is a high powered unit producing a centrifugal force of 15100xg and a max speed of 15000rpm.
    Although this centrifuge has been designed primarily for 1.5/2.0ml tubes it can be converted to take 0.5, 0.2ml tubes and PCR strips through using some simple adaptors.
    The ergonomic design of the ISG centrifuge allows users to set and display both RPM and G force on the large ‘easy to read’ LCD screen.  The operating time of the centrifuge is from 30 seconds to 99 minutes.  Timing only starts when the centrifuge has reached the desired parameters ensuring that the separation time is accurate. It can also be run in continuous mode without timing if needed.   The centrifuge also features a highly accurate speed adjustment of +/- 20RPM. 


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    • Bullet Point Conforms to international safety standards
    • Bullet Point CE marked
    • Bullet Point Tested according to IEC/EN 61010-1
    • Bullet Point Cast iron casing creates a low centre of gravity which provides stability and reliability at high speed.
    • Bullet Point Super quiet running
    • Bullet Point Brushless DC motor for quick acceleration
    • Bullet Point Automatic release of lid when the rotor stops to save processing time
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Technical Specification


Max. Speed [rpm]  15000rpm (500-15000rpm), increment:100rpm
Max. RCF [×g]  15100×g, increment:100×g
Speed Accuracy [rpm]  ±20 rpm
Rotor Capacity  0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/ 2ml×12
Run Time  30sec-99min-HOLD (Continuous operation)
Driving Motor  Brushless DC motor

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