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  • The high speed refrigerated centrifuge from ISG® is commonly used in industrial laboratories, university research and medical labs, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, clinical labs and blood donation centres. The applications suited to this centrifuge include; separation of cells and viruses, separation of sub-cellular organelles and the isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins and lipids.

    The Refrigeration system

    The ISG® centrifuge has a pre-cooling setting which allows the chamber to be cooled and kept at a steady pre-set temperature.
    A powerful cooling system quickly cools the chamber to 2°C after just 7 minutes and continuously holds this temperature even when the centrifuge is at maximum speed.
    The ISG® centrifuge's unique cooling system ensures the rotor temperature never rises more than 10°C even after a full hour of use.
    The lid remains closed when the centrifuge has finished to maintain the temperature of the chamber. An alarm will sound to notify you that the centrifuge has finished operating.
    The intermittent temperature control ensures a low carbon footprint while still keeping the centrifuge at the required temperature.

    The ISG® centrifuges bio-safe rotor ensures samples do not leak during the centrifugal process. This is designed to prevent microbial contamination. The high strength aluminium rotor is fully autocalvable. This ISG® centrifuge is supplied with a 24 x 2.0ml maximum rotor. Smaller tubes can be used through the use of adapters.

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    • Bullet Point Quiet brushless DC motor
    • Bullet Point High speed accuracy
    • Bullet Point Dual interlocking door for safety
    • Bullet Point Multi-flow air cooling system
    • Bullet Point Temperature display to protect against sample damage
    • Bullet Point Unique cooling sytem
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Technical Specification


Max. Speed [rpm]  15000rpm (200-15000rpm),  increment:10rpm 21380×g, increment:10×g
Speed Accuracy [rpm]  ±20 rpm
Rotor Capacity 5ml×18; 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/ 2ml×24; 0.5ml×36;
Run Time  30sec-99min-HOLD (Continuous operation)
Driving Motor

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