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  • The Edulab Combostill® Winner of the WorldDidac Award 2000 comes highly recommended by leading educators and is widely used in school labs around the world, while also having applications in research. The Combostill is designed to replace expensive organic chemistry apparatus, microscience apparatus provides many significant advantages over more traditional methods. Most activities can be set up and conducted in roughly a third of the time of traditional methods when using the Edulab Combostill® while the smaller volumes of chemicals required mean huge cost savings and a much safer laboratory environment. Moreover, the cost, safety and simplicity of microscience methods makes it much easier to implement teaching where smaller groups or even individuals conduct their own experiments, resulting in much better learning outcomes.

    The Combostill® comes with a Comboplate included, and has the following features:

    • Extremely safe
    • Minimises chemical costs saving up to 80% compared to traditional apparatus
    • Time reduced drastically for any given experimental procedure
    • Energy requirement very low in order to initiate reaction
    • Realistic structure so students are led very comfortably into microscience procedures
    • A starting manual is provided with each Combostill®
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    • Bullet Point Modern laboratory techniques
    • Bullet Point Individual student participation
    • Bullet Point Student ownership of results
    • Bullet Point Experiment times halved
    • Bullet Point Safety enhanced
    • Bullet Point Low environmental risk
    • Bullet Point Improved accuracy and reliability
    • Bullet Point Edulab Student worksheets
    • Bullet Point Edulab Teacher guides
    • Bullet Point Highly recommended by thousands of leading educators worldwide including UNESCO and UNICEF
    • Bullet Point Endorsed by Dr Mike Wooster Phd Bcs(Hons) Dip Ed
    • Bullet Point Low cost due to 4% of the regular chemical usage
    • Bullet Point Modular and flexible system
    • Bullet Point Excellent reviews by leading academics
    • Bullet Point Adopted in many education systems worldwide
    • Bullet Point Linked to leading curricula and examinations
    • Bullet Point Available for use by junior, middle and senior schools
    • Bullet Point Recognised by students as a ´Fun and Exciting´ way to do practicals
    • Bullet Point No need for lengthy preparation, system up and running in minutes
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Technical Specification

  • Kits made of durable, washable materials
  • Component design based on equipment used for modern laboratory techniques
  • Comboplates dishwasher safe
  • Kits designed for individual use or in small groups
  • Worksheets written for the students and suited to the curriculum
  • Workbooks and guides must be ordered separately
  • Log in to the user section of this website for free downloads of microscience worksheets
  • Worksheets can be linked to AQA, IB, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, SEB, IEB and CIE schemes
  • Extensive links to all USA curricula
  • Technical support and training courses available worldwide

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