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  • The Battery module supplies power to a sensor, or chain of sensors, operating in the Off-Line mode, and to sensors connected to an RF Communication module.


    The Battery module is rechargeable and can be recharged by connecting it to a computer's USB socket via the USB module cable.


    The Battery module has a LED and a pushbutton switch. The LED indicates whether the battery is charged enough or not when pressing the pushbutton.


    The Edu-Logger battery module can be fully charged in 3 hours using the USB connetion to a computer.

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    • Bullet Point Converts the measured parameter into a processed value (°C, °F, Lux, dB, mA, V, etc.)
    • Bullet Point Sends the data in digital form to a viewer unit, any kind of computer or tablet
    • Bullet Point Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory
    • Bullet Point Calibration is done by pressing a push-button
    • Bullet Point Changing ranges and gains is done through software
    • Bullet Point Experiments run with or without a computer
    • Bullet Point Saved experiments in the Logger Sensor can be uploaded to a computer at any time
    • Bullet Point The modular plug and play system allows the connection of sensors in a chain, in any order
    • Bullet Point Each sensor is in itself a full data acquisition system
    • Bullet Point Unbeatable value for money
    • Bullet Point Robust hardware and attractive design
    • Bullet Point Very simple operation
    • Bullet Point No cable clutter and therefore a very simple construction of experiments
    • Bullet Point System allows wireless connection
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Technical Specification

Capacity:370 mAh
Maximum Output Current:0.5 A
Over Output Current Protection:0.5 A
Module Output Voltage:4.7-5 V
Module Input Charging Voltage:4.5 – 6 V
Module Input Current:~ 500 mA

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