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  • Each covering an entire curriculum area, our Key Stage 2 Science Trolleys are designed to contain all the resources you will need, neatly arranged in a handy, drawered storage trolley - less prep-time means more teaching-time! Although ideal for home-schooling environments where space is often at a premium, these sets are perfectly tailored for any schools teaching the current Key Stage 2 science curriculum, and will excite and enlighten any budding scientists.

    Watch your students marvel at the workings of the human body as they explore the many activities included in this kit. Science doesn't get much more 'real-world' than understanding our own bodies, and this kit will foster an understanding of many important aspects of our bodies and how they work - inside and out! Some of the many topics covered include:

    • Different body systems and how they work
    • Adaptation of animal bodies (e.g. teeth) to suit diet
    • Importance of correct diet, and health problems caused by poor diet
    • General human anatomy
    • The heart and circulatory system, including pulse measurement
    • Health and fitness, including lung function.
    Contents of the kit:
    • 1-107 - Teeth and Eating Kit
    • 1101 - Digest-o-Rama
    • 2002 - Inflatable Torso Model
    • 403-002 - Heart Walk-through
    • 6043 - Grip Tester
    • 6109 - Breath Volume Kit
    • EDU-505A - Microslide® Viewer (single)
    • EDU1006 - Stethoscope
    • EDU933 - Our Body Science Kit - Key stage 2
    • SR-1461 - Clever Catch® - Food Nutrition
    • T121A - Microslide® - Your Body (single)
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