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  • Each covering an entire curriculum area, our Key Stage 2 Science Trolleys are designed to contain all the resources you will need, neatly arranged in a handy, drawered storage trolley - less prep-time means more teaching-time! Although ideal for home-schooling environments where space is often at a premium, these sets are perfectly tailored for any schools teaching the current Key Stage 2 science curriculum, and will excite and enlighten any budding scientists.

    Material science is all around us, from the clothes we wear to the ground we walk on and even the air we breathe. But what are the fundamental properties of materials? Why are liquids, gases and solids so different in their behaviour and structure? Why do some things float in water, but others not, and some things even dissolve? And what€™s the difference between dissolving and melting? This fascinating kit explores all these questions and many more, including:

    • States of matter
    • Physical properties such as hardness
    • Mixing and separating solids and liquids
    • Rocks and minerals and their properties
    • Understanding liquids and gases
    • Materials used in clothing construction
    Contents of the Kit:
    • 1-100 - Solids and Liquids Kit
    • 1-101 - Characteristics of Materials Kit
    • 1-113 - Dissolving & Changes
    • 2217 - Rock Study Kit
    • 2343 - Mineral Study Kit - Economy
    • EDU930 - Macro Science Kit - Properties of Materials
    • EDU931 - Macro Science Kit - Changing Materials

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