• Science with Sykes, Key Stage 2 Science Trolley Physical Processes

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  • Each covering an entire curriculum area, our Key Stage 2 Science Trolleys are designed to contain all the resources you will need, neatly arranged in a handy, drawered storage trolley - less prep-time means more teaching-time! Although ideal for home-schooling environments where space is often at a premium, these sets are perfectly tailored for any schools teaching the current Key Stage 2 science curriculum, and will excite and enlighten any budding scientists.

    Physical science covers a wide range of topics, and this kit reflects this without compromising on depth of learning. Most of the key curriculum areas are extensively explored, and with a large number of hands-on learning activities this kit encourages investigative skills while inspiring an interest in many applications of physical principles - from friction and forces to surface-tension bubble geometry! Some of the many included topics are:

    • Electricity and circuits
    • Heat and heat transfer
    • Forces, friction and dynamics
    • Light, shadows and light transmission and refraction
    • Properties of sound Contents of the Kit:
      • 100-001 - Electronic Blocks Kit
      • 1-109 - Electricity Kit
      • 1-103 - Friction and Force Kit
      • 1-110 - Heat Kit
      • 1-108 - Light & Shadows Kit
      • 1-104 - Magnets and Springs Kit
      • 1-105 - Changing Sounds Kit
      • EDU886 - Kubic Bubbles
      • EDU116 - Magnetism Kit
      • EDU1249 - U.V. detecting beads, pack of 100

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