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  • The Virtmac system represents a whole new approach to teaching some of the trickier aspects of cell biology, using magnetic pieces to represent atoms, molecules and ions. Between the three kits, up to 30 different topics can be covered, so the cumulative familiarity with this symbolic representation of cell processes leads to a much more unified and coherent understanding of the subject than traditional teaching methods. Also, with their low price and wide subject coverage these kits deliver excellent value for money. But as we all know - the real reward is watching students really grasping difficult concepts.

    Add creativity and flexibility to your demonstrations of protein processes with this set of magnetic model pieces. Using the included magnets, you can model basic cell structure, cell size, ETC cellular respiration, ETC photosynthesis, nerve impluse, membrane transport, diffusion, endocytosis, exocytosis, and more.

    To see a short video of these teaching tools in action, please visit www.virtmac.com

    Begin by building a simple cell membrane using only phospholipids. From that point, proteins and sugars are added, increasing the complexity of the membrane. You can continue to increase the complexity by building organelles using the same pieces. This unique kit, developed by John MacLellan allows you to illustrate how the same molecules are used repeatedly in different biological processes. Partial assembly required. Includes a DVD with easy to follow instructions and video lessons.

    • Bullet Point The most cost effective teaching models on the market
    • Bullet Point Easy to demonstrate dynamic and complex cell processes
    • Bullet Point  Students love to touch and manipulate the model
    • Bullet Point Covers curriculum areas from Key Stage 5 – A Level
    • Bullet Point Can be used over and over again
    • Bullet Point The Virtmac models will adapt to the curriculum changes
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