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  • The mains Joulemeter / Wattmeter is accurate, light and compact. It is designed for class demonstration and also for student use. The meter measures the energy or power  delivered to a mains appliance.Current transformers and sampling voltage transformer isolate the unit from the mains. Determines the energy consumed by domestic appliance. Compare the efficiency of different types of lamp bulbs. Compare power consumption for lamp bulbs at different voltages (variable mains transformer unit required) Analogue outputs for datalogger or oscilloscope. Built in timing function. View full details

    • Bullet Point 5 year warranty
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    • Bullet Point Reproducible results
    • Bullet Point Versatile specifications
    • Bullet Point Safe to use
    • Bullet Point Unique, compact design
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    • Bullet Point Sealed ‘easy touch’ switches
    • Bullet Point Stackable
    • Bullet Point Wipe clean
    • Bullet Point Safe on/off switch
    • Bullet Point Carry handle
    • Bullet Point CE marked
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Technical Specification


Measurement range: 200W and 2KW full-scale reading for power measurement. 0 to 999,999 J or 0 to 999,999KJ for energy measurement.
Resolution: 0.5J/ 0.5W on the 200W range and 0.005KJ/ 0.005KW on the kW range.
Maximum current: 10A, protected by 10A fast blow fuse.
Input impedance: 1Mñ
1V full-scale instantaneous power indication by a pair of 4mm meter output sockets
Energy Indication by six 7-segment LEDs
Accuracy: 3% and typically better than 1%
Linearity: 2% and typically better than 1%
Mains supply: 230V ±5%, 50Hz
Internal Fuse: 315mA (L).
External fuse: 10A fast blow (in IEC socket)
Dimensions: 208 x 155 x 115mm (W x H x D).
Height including handle is 187mm.

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