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  • To be used in conjunction with the comboplate, the Microburette is highly recommended by leading education institutions and has a place in over 10,000 schools worldwide. Durable and easy to maintain, the Microburette can used for accurate and efficient titrations by secondary school students. Regularly achieving reproducibility coefficients of 0.98 and providing accuracy up to 2 decimal places, results compare very well with traditional Class B glassware.

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    • Bullet Point Modern laboratory techniques
    • Bullet Point Individual student participation
    • Bullet Point Student ownership of results
    • Bullet Point Experiment times halved
    • Bullet Point Safety enhanced
    • Bullet Point Low environmental risk
    • Bullet Point Improved accuracy and reliability
    • Bullet Point Student worksheets
    • Bullet Point Teacher guides
    • Bullet Point Highly recommended by thousands of leading educators worldwide
    • Bullet Point Low cost due to 4% of the regular chemical usage
    • Bullet Point Modular and flexible system
    • Bullet Point Excellent reviews by leading academics
    • Bullet Point Adopted in many education systems worldwide
    • Bullet Point Linked to leading curricula and examinations
    • Bullet Point Available for use by junior, middle and senior schools
    • Bullet Point Recognised by students as a ´Fun and Exciting´ way to do practicals
    • Bullet Point No need for lengthy preparation, system up and running in minutes
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Technical Specification

  • Accurate to two decimal places
  • Correlation coefficients of up to 0.98
  • Excellent feedback form UK studies
  • Used by Royal Society of Chemistry in UK wide Microscience Trial
  • Well documented in the literature
  • Components individually available
  • Worksheets available
  • See submission at https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200506/ldselect/ldsctech/257/257we12.htm

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