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  • The Signal generator is a robust instrument and can withstand prolonged short circuit for the output. The earth provided is connected to the physical earth through the power cord; the signal generator output is floating with respect to ground.

    Do not open the unit as this will make your warranty void.

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    • Bullet Point 5 year warranty
    • Bullet Point Reliable performance
    • Bullet Point Reproducible results
    • Bullet Point Versatile specifications
    • Bullet Point Safe to use
    • Bullet Point Unique, compact design
    • Bullet Point Robust build quality
    • Bullet Point Sealed ‘easy touch’ switches
    • Bullet Point Stackable
    • Bullet Point Wipe clean
    • Bullet Point Safe on/off switch
    • Bullet Point Carry handle
    • Bullet Point CE marked
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Technical Specification


  • Frequency Range: 0.1 Hz to 99.9 KHz in six decades, read on digital display.
  • Frequency Accuracy: 0.01% (100 ppm) in all ranges
  • Output waveform: Sine, Rectangular and Triangular 
  • High Impedance Output: Maximum 17V peak to peak from internal source impedance of 600ñ
  • Low Impedance output: 6V R.M.S. at 4ñ (about 8.8V peak for all waveforms)
  • Maximum Power output of 4.5W available over the entire frequency range for all waveforms.
  • Maximum Power Transfer occurs when the load is 4ñ, giving 62/(4+4) = 4.5W
  • Amplitude Control: Variable from zero to maximum output in 256 increments, amplitude is displayed by a 10 segment bar graph
  • Attenuation: x1, x 0.1, x0.01, ±1%, operating only on the 600ñ output.
  • Amplifier voltage gain: 100
  • Frequency Response: DC to 100KHz, -3 dB, output power 4.5W into 4ñ load 
  • Controls : All control settings except amplitude are stored and updated upon any changes.
  • Electric Supply: 220V~240V, 50Hz
  • Dimensions: approx. 210mm x155mm x 118mm L X W x D
  • Weight : Approx. 2.05kg , without power cord
  • The instrument is CE marked , internal fuse is T315mA L

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