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  • Teltron Discharge Tubes
    The Teltron range of demonstration discharge tubes
    has been designed to show the properties of the free

    The D range is the original Teltron range with connections
    fixed on the tubes. The S range is a newer range with
    connections on the stand rather than the tubes.
    Please note the ranges are not interchangeable.

    Teltron Helmholtz Coils S
    Pair of Helmholtz coils for generating a uniform magnetic
    field perpendicular to the axis of the Teltron S series tube.
    Teltron Tube Holder S allows the coils to be configured
    in the Helmholtz geometry or at variable distances to
    produce magnetic fields aligned vertically, or coaxial, with
    respect to the tube axis. The maximum field strength
    generated by the coils (~ 10 mT) is approximately 300
    times weaker than that produced by an MRI machine
    (~ 3T), known to be safe for use by people with medical
    implants such as pacemakers. Instructions included.

    Other equipment for use with the Teltron tubes:
    605-006 EHT Power Supply
    261-031 Digital Meter with two shunts included
    231-080 Shrouded Test Lead Red
    231-081 Shrouded Test Lead Black

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Technical Specification

Specification (each):

  • Number of turns: 320
  • Coil diameter: 138mm
  • Load rating: 1.0 A (Continuous operation); 1.5 A (Short-term operation)
  • Effective Impedance: approx. 6.5ohm
  • Terminals: 4mm safety sockets
  • Max. field strength: approx. 9 mT.

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