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Bespoke and Off The Shelf Safety Cabinets

As well as wide range of scientific equipment and our popular bespoke fume cupboard service, we also offer a range of bespoke and off the shelf biosafety cabinets, designed to keep your team safe while handling potentially hazardous materials. Safety is imperative in a laboratory environment and our cabinets are designed with worker safety and comfort in mind. We can advise you on the best materials and features for your cabinet's intended use.

Which Safety Cabinet Is Right For You?


  • Fully customisable
  • UV sterilisation
  • DNA/RNA Amplification

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Laminar Flow

  • Fully customisable
  • Clean, particle-free air environment
  • Gap and joint-free stainless steel build

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  • Off the shelf class 2 model
  • Used for handling biohazardous materials
  • Available in 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm

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PCR Cabinets

PCR Cabinets/Hoods and Workstations

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) cabinets are specifically designed to maintain sterility while using the PCR technique. Because of this, they are especially popular in genetics laboratories.

Due to the contamination sensitivity of this practice, it is important that PCR cabinets are completely sterile and are built to a high quality, especially when it comes to sealing potential gaps and joints. They are made up of a workspace enclosed on three sides with UV sterilisation and optional fan and HEPA filter to prevent contamination.

Our PCR cabinets are customisable by width, depth, height.

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Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinets/Hoods

Laminar Flow cabinets are similar to PCR cabinets in that they designed to create an enclosed, sterile environment to carry out practices sensitive to foreign contaminants. While PCR cabinets use UV to sterilise the environment, Laminar Flow cabinets use an air-cleaning filtration system to remove any particles on the work surface, ensuring a particle-free environment.

While our Laminar Flow cabinets are fully customisable (with options including width, depth, height, bench-top or stand-mounted, gas taps, optional sliding sash, UV lighting and internal removeable shelves), there are a couple of different types available, each with their advantages:

  • Horizontal Cabinet – The air is projected horizontally across the work area directly out of the front of the cabinet
  • Vertical Cabinet – The air is projected downward, and then across the work surface and out of the unit.

Laminar Flow Cabinets are normally produced to protect the working area only. They do not offer operator protection and are not suitable for working with bio-hazards.

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Biosafety Cabinets

Biosafety Cabinets/Hoods

Biosafety cabinets (also known as Microbiological Safety cabinets) are used for working with biohazardous materials. While Laminar Flow cabinets are generally not advised for working with biohazardous materials, Biosafety cabinets are specifically designed for this use. Because of this, they are popular in medical research and other biological research laboratories.

While our PCR and Laminar Flow cabinets are fully customisable, our Class 2 Biosafety cabinets are available in 4 sizes:

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm

Class 2 biosafety cabinets are the laboratory standard. While class 3 is designed for no contact with the materials by featuring built-in gloves in it's front glass screen, class 2 cabinets enable users to work closer with the materials to allow more control and stability.

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