At Edu-Lab we strive to offer the highest in customer satisfaction and experience, our reputation is built on this goal.

Recent Testimonials

  • Heather Hardy,Royal Grammar School Guildford
    "Excellent service, delivered next day. Support from staff always prompt and helpful. Thank you."
  • Delwyn Patirides,The Kings College
    "I want to thank your customer care team for their exceptional service and support. I have never experienced such detailed and prompt attention to an urgent need today. Well done!"
  • David Brown
    "Faultless service, ordered a number of fragile glass items on the website on Sunday afternoon and arrived by Fed Ex Tuesday morning. Packaging was superb Dave Brown"
  • Joe Maas
    "I really appreciate your continual updates on our orders. Few companies have such fine follow-up service. We also look forward to probable future contacts with Edu-lab. Hope you have a pleasant day."
  • Fabio de Sisto,Harris Academy, Purley
    "I found the demonstration that was given by yourself and your colleague very interesting and educational. It has helped very much with the understanding of the vast capabilities the Micro Kits we have purchased. I look forward to using them often and experiencing all their uses. Very much appreciated."
  • Bharat Jog
    "I appreciate this prompt reply and the follow up phone calls. Wow. You are obviously keen to help and this is a great sign that we can work together. Again thanks for your follow up and continued help. Nice talking with you."
  • Lynn Harper,Shoeburyness High School
    "A year or so ago, I went to an ASE meeting in Dagenham and attended one of your micro scale chemistry workshops. I think the system is fantastic and we use it throughout our Chemistry curriculum."
  • Susan Hammond,Woking College
    "I trialled another experiment today (reduction of copper oxide with hydrogen gas) using our existing micro equipment, that worked brilliantly. This is too dangerous to do large scale, and doesn't work at all well using other methods. It is also much much quicker with the micro equipment. Generally the little combustion tubes are great for carrying out microscale gas experiments that students would not otherwise do - generating chlorine and generating sulfur dioxide and passing it into water wi"

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